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      苏州德林宝电梯是一家中美合资电梯制造厂家,成立于2014年至今,不断创新研发。 荣获国家高新技术企业,公司主打产品:高端别墅电梯 ,拥有更先进的研发实力,电梯可360度旋转、SOS自动紧急求救系统、电梯儿童?;?、产品荣获国家专利!


        德林宝电梯(中美合资)3大 技术优势




      About Delinbao Elevator

      Suzhou Delinbao Elevator is a Sino American joint venture elevator manufacturer, established in 2014 and continuously innovating and developing. Awarded as a national high-tech enterprise, the company's main product is high-end villa elevators, with more advanced research and development capabilities. The elevator can rotate 360 degrees, SOS automatic emergency rescue system, elevator child protection, and the product has won national patents!

      Relying on the continuous introduction, absorption, transformation, and introduction of advanced manufacturing technology from the United States, combined with the Chinese market, we are committed to updating and developing the elevator industry in a professional, efficient, and energy-saving manner. At the same time, the company adheres to the business philosophy of "driven by technology and seeking development through quality", always adhering to product quality as the center, and striving to create value for customers through professional and standardized services. With a continuous pursuit of high-quality life, treat every elevator with care.

      Three Major Technical Advantages of Sino American Joint Venture for Delinbao Elevator

      Firstlythe interior of the elevator can rotate 360 degrees

      Secondlyelevator SOS automatic emergency call for help

      Thirdlyelevator child protection

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